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First Trip out of the Philippines

My experience of traveling outside of the Philippines began in 2009 when I was fortunate to be part of a company team (read: all-expenses paid) to look at and learn how cross-border facilities in Vietnam and Laos are managed and operated. Thailand was supposed to be included in the itinerary but was subsequently scrapped due to ongoing “red shirt” protests in many parts of the country.

Not only was it my first opportunity to ride a plane out of the Philippines, it was so far my first and only flying experience on business class all the way! (O-ha!) 😛

Cathay Pacific Business Class Section

Delicious lunch

Quick stopover at Hong Kong international airport before boarding another plane to Hanoi, Vietnam

Delicious meal from Vietnam Airlines


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First Post

In the past year or so I have seen and read many online travel blogs while researching for possible sites I could visit every time I am lucky enough to buy cheap roundtrip tickets from Cebu Pacific. I just thought that since I have made a few travels here and there, why not try doing my own travel blog?  This is my first post on a new blog  I would really like to be serious with putting in content every now and then. Enjoy reading! 🙂

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